(SKU: ADC100)



In gas-fired fireplaces modulation may not always be required. In this case, an ENERVEX Fan and Damper Control (ADC 100) is a great choice.

This fan controller may be interlocked with the fireplace to control the speed of the fan and maintain proper draft in the chimney. It provides a 10-120 VAC signal to single-phase fans, and a 0-10 VDC signal that can be interpretted to control three-phase fans by an EDrive.


  • 0-10 VAC control signal and 10-120 VAC for variable speed
  • For indoor installations only
  • For use with RS Fans
  • Includes an external PDS Proven Draft Switch
  • Controls both 1x120V and 3x230V/460V fan (three-phase fans require an EDrive)

Power Supply 1 x 120VAC
Amperage 6.3A
Control Signals 0-10 VAC (for VFD) and 120/240 VAC (for direct connect)
Output 10-120VAC / 0-10VDC
Control Relays (6) Max 120VAC/8A
EMC Standard Emission: EN50 081-1, Immunity: EN50 081-2
Warranty 2 Years
Listing Certification UL 378, Standard for Draft Equipment
UL 60947, Standard for Industrial Control Panels
CSA C22.2 No. 14-95, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment